X-Pat Trading

    X-Pat Trading initially started as a local trading operation at the CME in 1998. After ten plus years of successful growth X-Pat Trading continues to expand. X-Pat Trading prides itself on being a small and aggressive trading group with endless possibilities for motivated and talented individuals. X-Pat Trading is committed to enhancing and developing its operations and internal structure to best synergize good business sensibilities with the rapidly evolving world of technology and finance. Our goal is to maintain our standards and strive for excellence as financial markets are constantly moving towards a new era of globalization.

Leveraging leading technology we’re able to use a vast array of tools to help grow your portfolio.  Our systems are redundant and cloud based.  Our IT systems and managed services support are under the direction of Global managed service provider Half Price Geeks which manages our computer repair & IT needs.  Our VOIP Business phone telecom network provider is backed by On The Go Communications.  By partnering with the industry leaders of technology we’re free to focus on your bottom line.